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Canadian News Internal CIDA Documents Show It Failed To Track Aid Funds To Zambia
Contributed by Janet M Eaton on Tuesday, January 18 at 12:15 (3,404 reads)

Probe International has learned from internal documents obtained
through an Access to Information request that Canada´s aid agency,
the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), was caught
completely off guard by the corruption scandal and had no knowledge
or ability to detect that its funds were being used inappropriately.

The documents paint a picture of an agency incapable of determining
if and how its money is being used to line the pockets of corrupt
officials. And while the documents obtained by Probe International
relate to the Zambian corruption case, they also show that Canadian
foreign aid programs in Kenya´s education sector have suffered a
similar fate.

Eventually, CIDA determined that $880,000 of Canadian taxdollars were
diverted by corrupt officials. In total, more than $7-million, including
money from other donors such as Sweden and the Netherlands, was stolen.

The documents also show that Canadian aid officials never laid out
strong procurement guidelines when they handed the money over.
According to one email, an official said, "effective performance of
public procurement is not an explicit condition of the CArr
(Condition Agreement)...nor is it a specific condition of payment."

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Canadian News Harper Government To Announce More Prison Expansions
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Wednesday, January 12 at 20:04 (3,698 reads)

By Rob Tripp

The number of penitentiaries listed for expansion in a $2-billion federal prison-building boom will rise to more than two dozen Monday as Conservative MPs make announcements on eight prisons in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec.

Postmedia News has learned that three minimum-security prisons in Ontario are each expected to get 50 new cells. A 96-cell addition at Quebec’s medium-security Cowansville Institution is also anticipated, along with new cells at another Quebec prison.

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Canadian News Calgary Fluoride Debate Delayed To Jan. 26 To Allow More Input
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Wednesday, January 12 at 20:04 (2,834 reads)

By Jason Markusoff




Council will delay deciding on the future of fluoride in Calgary's water system until a public hearing later this month, but one aldermen questions whether members' minds are already made up and that a hearing would be largely ceremonial.

Ten of 15 aldermen had lent signatures to a motion Monday that would have ended Calgary's 20 years of fluoridation without any formal public input.

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Canadian News SIU Clears Officers In G20 Probe
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Tuesday, December 07 at 21:37 (2,560 reads)

By Jayme Poisson

Brendan Latimer was knocked down by a herd of fellow protesters during a G20 demonstration at Queen’s Park.

Lying on the ground, police moved in and arrested the delivery worker. That’s when one of the officers allegedly struck him in the face, causing a fracture.

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Canadian News Canada's Failed Aid To Haiti
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Tuesday, August 10 at 08:33 (4,012 reads)

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the FIFA World Cup?

By David J. Climenhaga


June 21, 2010

Remember the successive scandals about $640 toilet seats, $7,600 coffee pots and $436 hammers made for the U.S. armed forces?

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Canadian News The Overcrowding Crisis In Canada's Prisons
Contributed by RickW on Thursday, May 27 at 08:42 (2,950 reads)

The overcrowding of prisons remains a major concern and challenge in Canada. As a result, the safety of inmates and staff alike is threatened and, ultimately, that of the public. The Canadian Criminal Justice Association is calling on all jurisdictions and the public to address these issues with a view to bringing about necessary and pressing changes, and to defusing a potentially explosive situation.

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Canadian News Rising Poverty In Canada: Who Pays For The Crisis?
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Tuesday, April 27 at 10:33 (2,836 reads)

by John Clarke

The Liberal Government of Ontario's decision in the spring Budget to eliminate the ‘Special Diet’ will remove the one means by which a major section of people on social assistance had been able to compensate partly for the huge loss of real income that has taken place over the last decade and a half. It is important to understand how this attack is linked to the overall drive to solve the current financial crisis of capitalism at the expense of the working class. The scandalous poverty that people on social assistance experience is frequently viewed, even on the Left, as simply a matter for humanitarian concern. The issue that is often missed, however, is the degree to which an assault on income support systems strengthens the hand of those seeking to weaken unions and increase the employer's ability of exploit workers.

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Canadian News Canada's Big Pharma Drug War
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Wednesday, April 21 at 09:17 (2,676 reads)

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Canadian News Canadian Garlic Could Become An Endangered Species
Contributed by BC Mary on Monday, February 01 at 12:40 (5,756 reads)

 Cheap garlic imported from China has discouraged Canadian garlic growers. But garlic doesn't produce seeds which can be stored for future use; so our special garlic must be grown from the bulbs year by year if they're to be available in the future. 

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Canadian News Giant Statue Of Lenin And Mao The Talk Of Richmond
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Tuesday, December 29 at 12:14 (5,076 reads)

A public art installation depicting Russian Communist leader Vladimir Lenin and a feminized Chairman Mao Zedong in the heart of Richmond's business district has the whole town talking.

“When I went to the gym at 5:30 this morning it’s all people were talking about,” said Richmond city Coun. Derek Dang, who saw the piece for the first time Wednesday. “People just can’t believe it.”

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Three undercover officers accused of inciting protesters to attack riot police at the 2007 North American leaders summit in Montebello are being summoned to testify before Quebec's independent police ethics committee.

The decision from the committee released this week overrules an independent review that exonerated the officers. It also comes more than two years after the black-clad trio were first exposed on YouTube.

Dave Coles, the union leader who confronted the men at the time and filed a complaint against the police, said a public inquiry is needed to determine whether they were acting on orders from federal officials.

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Contributed by Wayne Coady on Monday, October 05 at 08:23 (3,958 reads)

 The revelation that the recently resigned Bishop of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Raymond Lahey, is an “alleged” node and purveyor of “kiddie porn” should, if nothing else, finally shock all those slavish adherents of the Roman Catholic Church into the reality of the human experience.

By the way, the surname “Lahey” has always been popularly pronounced “Lay – hee” for the majority of us, but, somewhere along the way, it has been perverted into the more lofty “Law – hee” … presumably, by the now defrocked “Bishop” to set himself on a higher plane. Most are familiar with that old saw about “the higher they are the greater they fall.” And this is one hell of a fall.
And so it should be.
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Canadian News Unmanning Lighthouses Spells Danger For Coastal Travellers
Contributed by dhc2widow on Tuesday, September 15 at 08:38 (4,848 reads)

Once again, government bureaucrats are attempting to remove the services of Lightkeepers from the Canadian people. They are working quickly to implement a plan to de-staff the remaining 27 staffed lightstations on the west coast and the remaining 9 on the shores of Newfoundland and Labrador.

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Canadian News Mint's $15.3 M Golden Dilemma: Was There A Heist?
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Tuesday, June 30 at 12:47 (3,137 reads)

The distinct possibility that precious metals may have been stolen from the Royal Canadian Mint is "inexcusable," the federal minister responsible for the Crown corporation said Monday.

The findings of a long-awaited external audit, released earlier in the day, concluded that $15.3 million in missing gold is not the result of accounting or bookkeeping errors, raising even more questions about the whereabouts of the metals from what has been touted as one of the most secure facilities in Canada.

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