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Petitions PLease Sign On To Gaza Call For Peace Petition [VOW]
Contributed by Janet M Eaton on Wednesday, January 14 at 08:58 (5,142 reads)


Canadian Voice of Women for Peace


[] Sign the Gaza Peace Petition Online.

[] Read our statement on the Gaza crisis which has gone to the PM,

specific cabinet ministers, opposition leaders, UN Security Council

members, regional government officials

[] Read the press release we sent to the media.


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Website promotes little-known option to stop Canada Post delivering junk mail Michael Oliveira, THE CANADIAN PRESS Published Sunday February 10th, 2008 TORONTO - With just a few seconds of effort, anyone can easily shrink their impact on the environment by telling Canada Post to stop delivering junk mail - but only two per cent of Canadian homes have done it. Canada Post says it's because people want to get flyers and ads delivered at their door. Vancouver's Beth Ringdahl begs to differ. Ringdahl's website,, spells out a simple two-step process to block junk mail: It's as easy as filling out a downloaded form and leaving a note on your mailbox.
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Petitions Depleted Uranium In The Strait Of Georgia
Contributed by Diogenes on Friday, February 08 at 12:04 (3,996 reads)
Depleted Uranium in the Strait of Georgia Or how I was hooked by “du” — a personal journey If you lived in the northern Strait of Georgia – in the area of Texada, Lasqueti, Hornby, Denman, Comox, Quadra, and Cortes Islands – in the late 1980s and early 1990s, you or your family may have witnessed or been affected by this activity. The Merchant Legal Group, lawyers for the Agent Orange class action suit at Camp Gagetown, would like to hear from you. by G. Turnbull Saturday morning, April 15, 2006, I was listening to a favourite radio station, Malaspina College radio CHLY-FM, from Nanaimo. They were interviewing Leuren Moret, a geophysicist from Berkeley CA, who had worked at US nuclear labs. She went on for 40 minutes about the horrors of depleted uranium (DU) in munitions, which releases radiation into the atmosphere and its medical effects on, for instance, the first Gulf War veterans, where it was first used in quantity. Over 500,000 out of 700,000 vets are now on disability for something called “Gulf War Syndrome,” a ‘disease’ with many symptoms identical to radiation sickness. Or the test range off Vieques, Puerto Rica, where the residents are suing the US Navy for all the cancer, etc. That test range was finally moved to Rockhampton, Australia, where birth defects are starting to show up. Part way through the interview, she said, “The US navy used to test fire these munitions in Puget Sound until the local residents complained. They then moved north across the border to Nanoose Bay and now test in Canadian waters!”
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Petitions Five Deaths Demand Justice
Contributed by Anonymous on Wednesday, May 30 at 11:33 (6,280 reads)
Four Loggers and a Pilot Die: Five Deaths Demand Justice Please follow this link to our "Five Deaths Demand Justice" Online Petition: This petition is being endorsed by the United Steelworkers Union (USW). Please visit our website [link:] for more information about the accident and subsequent investigations. This is the text to the Petition. To: Prime Minister of Canada To The Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada; On the 28th of February 2005, five souls were lost after the air taxi they travelled in “disappeared” minutes after departure from Campbell River, British Columbia. Two days later, the body of one of the passengers was found not ten kilometers away. The autopsy showed he had no serious injuries, but had suffered extensively from hypothermia before slowly drowning. Countless family members, friends and fellow Canadians have been permanently scarred by these fatalities. Three women and ten children are now supported by WorkSafe BC pensions, instead of by their husbands and fathers.
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Petitions On Condamne Un Belge À 5 Ans De Prison Pour Avoir Exprimé Son Opinion
Contributed by Lawrence on Thursday, March 15 at 12:55 (5,858 reads)
SIGNEZ L'APPEL POUR LA LIBERATION DE BAHAR! Bahar Kimyongür est un citoyen belge qui, depuis une dizaine d’années, dénonce les nombreuses violations des droits de l’Homme ayant lieu en Turquie. Alors qu’il n’a commis aucun délit, ni aucun acte de violence en Belgique, en Turquie ou ailleurs, un tribunal belge l’a condamné, le 7 novembre 2006, à cinq ans de prison ferme ! Rest of the text: SIGNEZ L'APPEL POUR LA LIBERATION DE BAHAR! La condamnation de Bahar Kimyongür est due à l’utilisation des nouvelles lois «antiterroristes» inspirées par l’administration Bush et aux pressions exercées par le régime turc. L’Etat belge a ainsi pu mener un procès partial visant à faire passer des opposants politiques pour des criminels. Bahar Kimyongür, Musa Asoglu, Sukriye Akar et Kaya Saz purgent de lourdes peines suite à leurs condamnations dans le cadre du «procès DHKP-C», une organisation révolutionnaire turque.
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Petitions Action: Peace In Middle-East
Contributed by e.p.1 on Wednesday, January 24 at 09:23 (4,907 reads) asks our (worldwide) web support (by way of web petition) for the planned demonstration in Washington *this Saturday* Avaaz appears to be a (legitimate) offshoot of For more on the connection to Moveon & Eli Pariser, drill through "about us" to "our team" at the following URL. where you'll find Avaaz' message & petition form. <; e.p.1
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Petitions Tired Of Broken Promises ? I Am
Contributed by davidc on Friday, November 17 at 12:06 (4,769 reads)
Harper stated a promise during the election campaign, (just a short ten months ago), and now has broken that promise. This one is pretty serious; it affects 1 in every 6 Canadians. This broken promise has cost Canadian investors more than $25 billion so far. Yes, I'm talking about the promise of not taxing income trusts. "A Conservative government will ... preserve income trusts by not imposing any new taxes on them," the Conservative election platform stated. It is one thing to break a promise on saying you would build a building or pave a road by just not getting aound to it. It is something else entirely to promise to preserve an investment vehicle and then completely reverse that promise.
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Petitions CAP Calls For Ceasefire -Israel/Lebanon Conflict
Contributed by whelan costen on Monday, July 24 at 13:48 (5,034 reads)
PRESS RELEASE July 18, 2006 CANADIAN ACTION PARTY/PARTI ACTION CANADIENNE On Israel/Lebanon Connie Fogal, Leader of the Canadian Action Party, calls for an immediate ceasfire in the Israel- Lebanon crisis, and a return to negotiations. Fogal calls on Prime Minister Harper to return to Canada’s traditional, sovereign, and historical role of a balanced foreign policy approach that recognizes the grievances of both the Israelis and the Palestinians. “It is most unfortunate and contrary to Canadian interests that Mr. Harper chooses to submit to the foreign policy dictates of the USA and England”, said Connie Fogal.
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Petitions Stop The Commercialization Of The CBC
Contributed by Ryan Scott on Tuesday, December 20 at 12:00 (7,609 reads)
The CBC is currently broadcasting a significant quantity of mainstream popular music on Radio One, such as Madonna, Elton John, and other Top 40 music, with the intention of attracting listeners with background music "at work, dentist offices, and retail outlets” (Kelly Ryan, host of Freestyle as quoted in "CBC Radio revamp aimed at offices", The Globe and Mail, 1 November 2005). In doing so, our only national public broadcaster is significantly reducing the Canadian cultural content on our airwaves, thereby diminishing its integral role in expressing and supporting our unique Canadian identity and failing to provide the high level of program content of which it is capable. The talents of many dedicated and world-class Canadian writers, composers, producers, and artists are being further replaced by commercial content that can be found on any number of mass audience radio stations.
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Petitions Sign The Statement Against Secret Trials In Canada
Contributed by sthompson on Wednesday, December 01 at 17:20 (6,173 reads)
In preparation for the upcoming December 10th National Day of Action Against Secret Trials in Canada we are collecting signatures for a new petition, a Statement Against Secret Trial Security Certificates.
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Petitions Martin's Defence Policy Dilemma
Contributed by earthling on Tuesday, July 27 at 14:00 (5,591 reads)
Steven Staples, "Martin's Defence Policy Dilemma," The Hill Times, July 19, 2004.

Despite the finger-pointing and pounding on podiums during the campaign, the truth is that Paul Martin and Stephen Harper agree on most defence and foreign policy issues....

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Petitions Petition The CBC
Contributed by FreeCanada on Friday, April 23 at 22:57 (8,551 reads)
I don't know how many of you have watched the CBC Newsworld show Counterspin. I just started watching it recently and participated in the studio audience this last week. I am very dissapointed with it's planned shutdown and I would convince everyone who reads this message to sign the online petition to try to keep it alive. Please tell everyone you know to follow the link and send their support to a great show that keeps Canadian public debate alive.

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Petitions Digital Governance Initiative: Egovernance For Developing Countries
Contributed by Anonymous on Thursday, April 08 at 01:19 (5,510 reads)
Digital Governance Initiative researches and propagates innovative electronic governance / egovernance/ e-democracy models in developing and in-transition countries. These models are based on strategic application of knowledge and ICT in the governance sphere.

To join the Digital Governance Network, send a blank email to:

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Petitions Oppose The Privatization And Sale Of BC Medical Info!
Contributed by sthompson on Thursday, February 26 at 08:00 (5,851 reads)
For BC residents:

Keep MSP and Pharmacare public

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Petitions Don't Let Your CPP Go To Lockheed Martin And Military Contractors!
Contributed by sthompson on Tuesday, November 11 at 21:08 (8,961 reads)
I am proud to say that I was very involved in getting the following action off the ground--I supervised and did a good deal of the work on the report mentioned below.

Please support this important action.

- Susan Thompson, site founder/editor

Please Sign the Online Petition to "Stop Canada Pension Plan Investments in War!"

Did you know that the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is forcing millions of Canadians to invest in businesses that profit from war? Included among these corporations are 15 of the world's top 20 military contractors!

Is that how you want your retirement funds invested?

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