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Volunteer Technical Help Needed Immediately
Contributed by sthompson on Tuesday, August 14 at 12:34 (6,216 reads)
Vive le Canada.ca is seeking technical help for the site immediately due to our webmaster's resignation (Jesse simply has no time to continue to manage the site). Ideally we would have at least two people to form a team to perform site upgrades and maintenance, debug, and deal with technical questions and problems as they arise. Without this help we will have no choice but to shut down Vive in the very near future. Technical skills needed include: - PHP programming - MySQL database administration and maintenance - unix/linux experience - geeklog CMS (optional) For more information, or to apply, please email Vive'e board at board@vivelecanada.ca .
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Volunteer New Volunteer Position
Contributed by sthompson on Sunday, March 13 at 13:14 (8,611 reads)
Are you passionate about preventing deep integration/harmonization with the U.S.? Vive is looking for a volunteer to help with a new campaign we are planning. Here's the description:

Email Postcard Campaign Coordinator

Vive le Canada.ca would like to create an email postcard campaign, using virtual "postcards" with compelling graphics that illustrate our mission/message to allow users to send messages to elected officials/decision makers opposing "deep integration/harmonization" with the U.S. The Vive board is looking at using these ASAP for a campaign around the task force currently examining the viability of deep integration, and if successful we may also use the technique for future campaigns. However, to make this idea a reality we need a volunteer to coordinate the first campaign.

The ideal volunteer will have the technical background to:

  • make and/or gather and upload relevant graphics/actions to the site
  • create simple PHP pages, similar to the census site used for our census test boycott campaign, to handle the code that allows users to choose/send postcards
  • coordinate with technical director re: server needs/issues

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Volunteer New Volunteer Coordinator And Volunteer Needs
Contributed by sthompson on Sunday, February 27 at 13:11 (8,536 reads)
If you like Vive and want to help, remember we are always looking for volunteers. Volunteers are needed in many areas, so if you think you can add to the site, please let us know. We need your creative enthusiasm and cooperative efforts to make things happen.

In an effort to build our volunteer base at Vive, we have also designated a new volunteer coordinator, Catherine Costen, and you can now contact Catherine with questions or to apply to volunteer: volunteer@vivelecanada.ca

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Volunteer Volunteers Wanted
Contributed by sthompson on Monday, April 19 at 18:19 (8,717 reads)
We're currently looking for volunteers for the following positions:

Site Co-Editor(s)
Looking for one or two people who will be responsible for posting submissions of stories and links by readers. Qualifications ideally include knowledge of the site and its mission/editorial policies, excellent knowledge of Canadian spelling/grammar, basic knowledge of HTML, comfort using email and the internet to research/communicate, and a political science or writing/journalism/english related background. You should be self-motivated, trustworthy, and able to communicate promptly and in a professional manner.

You will ideally check the site once or twice a day, approve/delete submissions, and also post relevant materials/comments yourself from time to time. To begin with you will work closely with the current site editor (Susan Thompson).

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Volunteer Toujours Recherché : Chroniqueur Francophone
Contributed by sthompson on Thursday, April 15 at 17:19 (6,892 reads)
Toujours recherché : chroniqueur francophone

Vive le Canada a maintenant quatre chroniqueurs réguliers.

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Volunteer Forum Moderators Wanted!
Contributed by sthompson on Thursday, March 11 at 14:49 (6,223 reads)
Now that we have our own discussion forums, I'm looking for a few people to act as volunteer moderators.

Moderators will be responsible for keeping watch for and deleting comments that are off-topic, racist, discriminatory, or otherwise unacceptable, and for generally making sure the forum environment is safe, fun, fair, and interesting.

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Volunteer Help Us Grow--Volunteer!
Contributed by sthompson on Friday, October 24 at 18:37 (7,020 reads)
Do you:
1) believe in protecting popular Canadian sovereignty and democracy?
2) want to get more involved in efforts to save Canada?

Are you:
1) comfortable using the internet and email to communicate?
2) good at organizing, planning, and making decisions as part of a team?
3) experienced at running a non-profit organization or a for-profit business--or someone with expertise in activism, finance, computer programming or website design, political science or politics, law, or public relations?
4) willing to commit some of your time?

If you answered yes to these questions, then we want to hear from you.

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Volunteer Volunteers Needed As Of Oct 2003
Contributed by sthompson on Monday, October 13 at 18:38 (6,238 reads)
Here is a list of volunteer positions we still need to fill. If you're interested, please email susan.thompson@vivelecanada.ca and include a cover letter/email explaining why you're interested and your some info on your background. A resume would also be ideal. We plan on having a volunteer application form up as soon as we can to make this process even easier.
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