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Canada-U.S. Border
Canada-U.S. Border
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  The Militarization of the US-Canada Border
  Critics concerned about food safety in Canada-U.S. border agreement
  The North American Security Perimeter should be an election issue
  Canada-U.S. Deep Integration Agenda Continues Unabated
   Bookmark and Share We Need to Rethink, Not Rearm NAFTA

Canada-U.S. relations
Canada-U.S. relations
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  Canada, the invisible, likeable beaver
  Editorial: “Anti-Americanism” Revisited
  [Son of SPP] Can-US Perimeter Declaration (compilation of articles )
  Deepening Canada-U.S. Security and Military Ties
  Son of SPP/ Stop Fortress NA - leaked docs reveal border security deal

Canadian News
Canadian News
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  internal CIDA documents show it failed to track aid funds to Zambia
  Harper government to announce more prison expansions
  Calgary fluoride debate delayed to Jan. 26 to allow more input
  SIU clears officers in G20 probe
  Canada's Failed Aid to Haiti

Canadian Politics
Canadian Politics
· Total News: 1,511
· Total Reads: 2,709,787
  Robin Mathews: This Year's 'Absolutely Must Not Read' Book. The Great Shift.
  Robin Mathews: Brigette DePape Is Half Right And Half Dangerously Wrong
  The May 2 Election Improper, Illegitimate, Null and Void.
  Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Canadian War Crimes in Afghanistan
  Attaques et condamnations mutuelles: Nouvelles manifestations d'un vieux cycle

Civil Liberties and Privacy
Civil Liberties and Privacy
· Total News: 614
· Total Reads: 953,763
  Robin Mathews: The Missing Women Fiasco. British Columbia Corruption
  U.S. denies Prince of Pot Marc Emery transfer to Canadian prison
  U.S. Dictating North American Air Travel Security
  Questions persist about provocateurs at SPP summit
  Report details ‘shocking’ abuses at G20 summit

· Total News: 275
· Total Reads: 613,419
  Robin Mathews: Culture Wars in the Colony. British Columbia and the Invaders - 'Making Waves'.
  Teachers facing weakest market in years
  Mon Dieu! Coloradan may teach French to Canadians
  Trolls And Bullies Are Debasing The Internet
  Editorial: Oh Canada, I cry for thee.

· Total News: 308
· Total Reads: 613,283
  Robin Mathews: The Crumbling of the Mainstream Press and Media in Canada. PLart Three.
  Editorial: Congratulations To The People Of Egypt
  Editorial: Democratic Accountability and the Big Lie
  Robin Mathews: A Second Year Philosophy Seminar Question
  Robin Mathews: Omar Khadr, Basi, Virk, and Basi

· Total News: 578
· Total Reads: 614,519
  Canadians still paying more for goods than Americans
  Canadians' debt-to-income ratio at record high
  After months of resisting, Ireland applies for bailout
  As Western Civilization Lies Dying
  Trade deficit grows as exports to U.S. fall

Energy and Resources
Energy and Resources
· Total News: 49
· Total Reads: 124,092
  Robin Mathews: In Alberta And B.C.: Stephen Harper Destroying The Rule Of Law
  The Machiavellian Richard Perle
  Why the F-35 may never fly
  The Strike Wave in Europe and the Decay of "Democracy"
  Left-Leaning Despisers of the 9/11 Truth Movement:

· Total News: 787
· Total Reads: 1,203,606
  Everything Is Negotiable, Except with Nature
  Satellitegate - US Agency Faces Courtroom Climate Showdown
  Canada Muzzles Its Scientists; Can the U.S. Be Far Behind?
  Suffocating Group Think - The Climategate Inquiries
  Climate Change: Concocting the “Consensus”

First Nations
First Nations
· Total News: 119
· Total Reads: 335,995
  Ottawa's $300M fund to help First Nations buy on-reserve homes
  House Of Commons Calls For Implementation Of Declaration
  Calgary firm signs deal with Saskatchewan aboriginal group to explore for potash
  Canada, Seton Lake Indian Band and Province of British Columbia Reach Agreement

Foreign Ownership
Foreign Ownership
· Total News: 139
· Total Reads: 376,069
  The Strange Mind of David Emerson
  BC's Gordon Campbell Sellouts to Americans
  Monsanto – Suicide part of rural life!
  Corporate Takeover of Canada
  Compete to Win (giving Canada away)

General News
General News
· Total News: 393
· Total Reads: 672,842
  100 sled dogs slaughtered
  UN censors Edmonton artists' sculpture
  Sometimes The Facts Don't Matter
  Somalia Food Aid Bypasses Needy, U.N. Study Finds
  Vince Li not criminally responsible for beheading

Globalisation and Trade
Globalisation and Trade
· Total News: 564
· Total Reads: 1,018,096
  Ethyl Corporation and Common Misconceptions Regarding NAFTA
  Expanding U.S.-Mexico Economic and Security Cooperation
  Perimeter Security and the Future of North American Integration
  EU trade deal could cost Canadian drug plans billions
  Keep Europe Out of the Tar Sands! re CETA

Health Care and Social Policy
Health Care and Social Policy
· Total News: 32
· Total Reads: 95,665
  Monsanto to unleash latest Frankenfood
  European Parliament to Investigate WHO and “Pandemic” Scandal
  H1N1 Vaccine Warning: In their own words!
  Dr Mitchell Retracts H1N1 Flu Vaccine Recommendation
  Russell Blaylock Weighs In On Swine Flu

· Total News: 57
· Total Reads: 226,436
  Mexico's Immigration Problem Also a
  More Mexicans leaving U.S. under duress
  Wikipedia censored my submission!
  Cross-Country Mobilizing Against Bill C-50

International Politics
International Politics
· Total News: 56
· Total Reads: 146,296
  Part II: Insurrection and Military Intervention: The US NATO Attempted Coup d'Et
  Death Squads versus Democracy: Tom Flanagan's
  Wikileaks: the truth is not treason
  Tom Flanagan’s Fascist Pathology
  Militarism: Killing People and Economies

· Total News: 120
· Total Reads: 295,022
  Assault on Collective Bargaining in the US is Illegal
   Some Big Lies of Science
  Editorial: The Steel City Takes A Hit
  On Line Employment Insurance application useless
  Editorial: Free Trade and Labour in a Scientific Society

· Total News: 927
· Total Reads: 1,275,528
   PM Harper: Captive to international arms dealers
  Libya: The Objective of
  Harper missing the point on F-35s
  Insurrection and Military Intervention US-NATO Attempted Coup d'Etat in Libya?
  The Militarization Of The Arctic And Its Strategic Resources

· Total News: 16
· Total Reads: 92,211
  PLease sign on to Gaza Call for Peace Petition [VOW]
  Five Deaths Demand Justice
  Petition the CBC
  Stop the Commercialization of the CBC
  Don't Let Your CPP Go to Lockheed Martin and military contractors!

· Total News: 110
· Total Reads: 233,609
  Is the CBC trying to sway voters to the Liberal Camp?
  Robin Mathews: The BC Rail Scandal At Trial. (At Last)
  Robin Mathews: CanWest (Court) Committee Denies vivelecanada columnist accreditation
  Google Agrees to Assist CIA, Blocking Journalism Sites of Political Refugee
  Editorial: Propaganda: From the Class Room to Hollywood

· Total News: 104
· Total Reads: 274,016
  Oh Canada - Our Bought and Sold Out Land
  Editorial: The Financial War Against Iceland
  Mexico: Oil privatisation halted due to mass protests
  SPP Pemex) VIDEO News Clip - Mexico up in Arms over Privatization of Pemex
  BC's Sea-to-Sky highway price tag $220 million higher as a P3

· Total News: 1
· Total Reads: 10,912
  Government supports passenger rail service in northern Quebec

· Total News: 78
· Total Reads: 206,557
  For a More Ethical Civilization
  Robin Mathews: John Ralston Saul. Watching Canada's “Grand Experiment”
  Robin Mathews: The Best Non-Fiction Book in 2008! Could We Have That Again?
  Green Island
  In One's Sleep

Satire & Humour
Satire & Humour
· Total News: 148
· Total Reads: 258,819
  Editorial: Scandalous Thoughts on F-35s, Aston Martins, and the Military Mall of Horrors
  Vancouver 2010 - The next 9/11?
  Sumerians Look On In Confusion As God Creates World
  Harper Unveils Conservative Platform
  Aussie ghost story

Sovereignty Watch
Sovereignty Watch
· Total News: 579
· Total Reads: 1,232,106
  A North American Security Perimeter Threatens Canadian Sovereignty
  NATO Arctic Security and Canadian Sovereignty in the Far North
  Editorial: Angle-mort*: the place of French in Canada “post-Trudeau” (Opinion)
  Happy North America Day?
  The Nation's Deathbed DVD Giveaway on CANADA DAY across Canada

U.S. Politics
U.S. Politics
· Total News: 1,380
· Total Reads: 2,108,767
  Path Is Sought for States to Escape Debt Burdens Through Bankruptcy
  US How Bubble Barons Protected Their Influence While the Economy Tanked
  Senate votes to extend USA Patriot Act for 1 year
  The Nitze Doctrine: How to ruin a country and possibly the whole damned world.

Vive Site News
Vive Site News
· Total News: 88
· Total Reads: 284,740
  Sorry about technical issue with site
  Boxing Day
  google news link
  Official site spellings
  Canadian Think Tank Watch

· Total News: 8
· Total Reads: 58,542
  Volunteers Wanted
  Forum Moderators Wanted!
  New Volunteer Position
  New Volunteer Coordinator and Volunteer Needs
  Technical help needed immediately

· Total News: 39
· Total Reads: 119,005
  Government of Canada Issues a Call for Proposals for Women's Projects
  Women outnumber men in Spain's new cabinet
  Female PhD holders earn less than male ones
  More Canadian women bringing home the back bacon: StatsCan

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