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Canada-U.S. relations Canada, The Invisible, Likeable Beaver
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Tuesday, March 29 at 20:51 (3,055 reads)

Americans regard Canada as a quiet and likeable neighbour. But there are gaping holes in their knowledge of Canadian geography, culture and politics.

This ignorance – illustrated in a series of recent polls – should concern this country. As global power dynamics shift, and China and India grow in importance, Canada must work harder to educate Americans about its continuing strategic significance

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Canada-U.S. relations “Anti-Americanism” Revisited
Contributed by robertjb on Monday, February 21 at 10:01 (3,534 reads)


Denialism is the enemy within
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Canada-U.S. relations [Son Of SPP] Can-US Perimeter Declaration (Compilation Of Articles )
Contributed by Janet M Eaton on Tuesday, February 08 at 12:21 (3,301 reads)

The far-reaching concept of a security perimeter encircling Canada
and the U.S. - with shared border facilities manned by
interchangeable guards relying on high-tech information on both
countries´ travellers - was given the stamp of approval after a
meeting between Harper and U.S. President Barack Obama at the White
The declaration on a joint perimeter is part of a wider vision of
enhanced bilateral cooperation that is intended to strengthen Canada-
U.S. anti-terrorism capability and reduce barriers to cross-border
trade that have worsened since Sept. 11, 2001.
The framework agreement has been under secret negotiation for
months. The project is laid out in a five-page declaration entitled
Beyond the Border: A Shared Vision for Perimeter Security and
Economic Competitiveness.

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Canada-U.S. relations Deepening Canada-U.S. Security And Military Ties
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Friday, February 04 at 08:01 (2,812 reads)

By Dana Gabriel 

A recent North American defense ministers meeting was originally scheduled to be a trilateral gathering, but Mexico’s Secretary of Defense was unable to participate in the summit. Canada-U.S. talks focused on continental, hemispheric, as well as global defense issues. The meeting went a long way to further deepen bilateral security and military ties. It was also significant considering that Canada and the U.S. are currently negotiating an agreement that would work towards establishing a perimeter approach to security

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Canada-U.S. relations Son Of SPP/ Stop Fortress NA - Leaked Docs Reveal Border Security Deal
Contributed by Janet M Eaton on Wednesday, December 15 at 07:40 (4,655 reads)

There is a new Declaration on a North American Security perimeter
which has been leaked to CBC, The National Post and the Globe and
Mail.  One of the documents suggests it is to be signed/announced  in
January by President Obama and PM Harper.

It is being defined by some as the Son of the SPP and others as
Fortress North America. Officially it is entitled "Beyond the Border: A
Shared Vision for Perimeter Security and Competitiveness" "A Declaration
by the President of the United States of America and the Prime Minister of

While I can't find any links to Council of Canadian Stuart Trew's
excellent interview  [Friday Dec 10] with CBC Power and Politics'
Evan Soloman  where he followed John Manley, CCCE ( Canadian Council of
Chief Executives) head and former Liberal government's architect of the
SPP -  I can say Stuart did a great job explaining  this border perimeter
concept within the context of the SPP and arguing effectively - the
futility of creating a Fortress America perimeter as a way to 'thin' the
Canadian-US border to increase the flow of trade.    [See Stuart blog at ]

In a preamble to another Power and Politics interview with
Alberta Conservative James Rajotte and Liberal Mark Holland on this
Security Perimeter concept,  [ ]
CBC showed a clip of Liberal Foreign Affairs critic Bob Rae asking a
question in the House of Commons. 'How could the government be
contemplating signing  an agreement with the US which  will impact
immigration, will impact refugees, will impact intelligence, will impact
security,  will impact trade, in fact all of our relationships with the
US? Why would you contemplate doing that without first of all discussing
it with the House of Commons?"

Now here is analysis and commentary I've compiled on this leaked
Border Security deal : 


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Canada-U.S. relations Why Rockefeller Created Canadian & Quebec Nationalism
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Monday, May 03 at 09:29 (2,382 reads)

It seems counterintuitive but both Canadian nationalism and Quebec Nationalism were born in the late 1960's out of the globalist plan for North American "free trade."  Canadian nationalism was needed to repatriate the Constitution, a prerequisite for Free Trade; while, Quebec nationalism was needed to reassure French Canadians their rights would not be jeopardized by this action.

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Canada-U.S. relations Canada To Return Spent Uranium To The U.S.: Harper
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Wednesday, April 14 at 09:28 (2,861 reads) News Staff

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canada and the U.S. will work together to keep spent inventories of highly enriched uranium, which could be used for a nuclear or crude dirty bomb, out of the hands of terrorists.

Canada will return spent uranium inventories to the U.S., Harper said in Washington. The spent material is currently stored near Atomic Energy of Canada's medical isotope-producing reactor in Chalk River, Ont.

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Canada-U.S. relations David Lewis And The Ever Present “Corporate Welfare Bums.”
Contributed by robertjb on Monday, March 01 at 09:03 (5,419 reads)


How PM Stephen Harper agrees- or; at least he used to.

 Younger Canadians will not remember David Lewis as the leader of the New Democratic Party from 1971 to 1975, but he made a critical contribution to the political lexicon of our country when he coined the term “corporate welfare bums” and ran a federal election campaign on that theme. It is a term that was very pertinent then and has even greater pertinence today, as today these same bums have become even more pervasive and dangerously parasitic.

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  Premiers and governors to meet in Washington,February 20


The Canadian Press has reported that, "Canada's premiers will get a moment in the spotlight (on February 20) at the influential National Governors' Association winter meeting, a gathering that often serves as a guiding policy light for both Congress and the White House."
"It's the first-ever meeting between the association and its Canadian counterpart, the Council of the Federation. ...Regional premiers and governors often get together to discuss common issues, but it's unprecedented for all governors and premiers to sit down in a formal setting at such a prestigious event in the U.S. capital."
Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Alberta, and Newfoundland and Labrador will be represented at the meeting.
"Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is co-hosting an event during the meeting entitled Common Border, Common Ground, focusing on touchy Canada-U.S. issues that include trade, border security and energy."
The Edmonton Sun adds that, "Promoting secure energy exports will be the main focus of a trip to Washington, D.C., for Alberta's international and intergovernmental minister (Iris Evans). Also on the agenda is promoting the importance of open trade with the U.S., officials said Thursday."
A Council of the Federation media release notes, "The mission will focus on trade and border issues, as well as on energy and the environment."
The Globe and Mail reports today that, "Border issues and trade will top the agenda, including the Buy American deal..."
The Edmonton Sun article is at
Brent Patterson The Council of Canadians


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Canada-U.S. relations Report: Canada's Former Ambassador To Iran Was CIA Spy
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Thursday, January 28 at 09:55 (3,465 reads)

A report says the Canadian diplomat praised for sheltering Americans during the Iranian Revolution was a CIA spy.

The Globe and Mail quotes former ambassador Ken Taylor as telling the newspaper that he was made ``de facto CIA station chief'' in a secret deal between president Jimmy Carter and prime minister Joe Clark.

The report says the move followed the seizure of the U.S. Embassy by Iranian students Nov. 4, 1979, when 63 Americans, including the four-member Central Intelligence Agency contingent, were taken hostage.

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Canada-U.S. relations The New Entitlement: Canadians And Others As De Facto Americans
Contributed by robertjb on Monday, November 02 at 10:29 (3,917 reads)


                An open letter to my American cousins


My first American experience was as a young boy visiting my American cousins on summer vacations in Minot ND. There I acquired a playmate who asked me where I was from.  I replied, “Saskatchewan,” a mere hundred miles to the north. I was astounded he had never heard of our fair province. Even at that young age I was generally aware of the giant to the south of us and expected the same reciprocity from my playmate.  While our two countries are inextricably linked especially in matters of commerce to this very day there is still a certain reciprocity lacking.

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For a dozen years, since signing the Kyoto Protocol to fight global
warming, the federal government has struggled to craft a cap-and-
trade policy of its own.

But repeated Liberal and Conservative governments have retreated in
the face of entrenched opposition from energy and manufacturing
interests, and from provincial premiers who fear the economic

Now Canada can only watch as the United States, moving from laggard
to leader in the fight against global warming, crafts a cap-and-trade
policy, one that Canada will have no choice but to emulate......

Add it all up, and the case for Canada's federal government simply
photocopying the U.S. program and submitting it to Parliament is

Canada will join the fight against global warming whether its
politicians want it to or not. The Americans will leave us no choice


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Canada-U.S. relations MacKay Demands FOX Apology For 'crass' Remarks
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Monday, March 23 at 12:08 (4,104 reads)

Defence Minister Peter MacKay is demanding an apology from Fox News after a panel on of one of its late-night programs made "disgusting" comments about the Canadian military.

A group of pundits on "Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld," which airs weekdays at 3 a.m. on Fox News, each took turns trashing Canada and its military during an episode that aired on March 17.

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Canada-U.S. relations "Ottawa 9/11 Truth" At Obama Rally - Feb 19th, 2009
Contributed by ottawafro on Tuesday, March 10 at 09:02 (3,841 reads)

Mat (Smith Falls 9/11 Truth) and myself ,Tyrone, ( Ottawa 9/11 Truth ) went to the Obama welcome rally when the president came to visit the nation's capital on Feb 19th,2009.

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Canada-U.S. relations Official Visit To Canada: A First ‘First’ For Obama
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Wednesday, February 25 at 09:12 (3,616 reads)

 Barack Obama’s first international trip as United States president was a quickie seven-hour visit to Canada’s capital Ottawa, where he thrilled adoring fans by calling Canada “sexy”, though he added, “even if it’s in an unsexy way,” a rather backhanded if appropriate compliment for those toque-clad, rosy cheeked admirers bussed in to catch a glimpse of the new president. One commentator compared his visit to the Second Coming. He was greeted at the airport by his fellow black head of state, Michaelle Jean, Canada ’s Haitian-born governor general, who along with 80 per cent of Canadians are delighted that the days of George W Bush are over. He then met Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who was a big supporter of Bush and is most certainly not one of Obama’s fans.

Despite being ideological opposites, Harper was nonetheless delighted that he merited the coveted “first”. It traditionally belongs to Mexico , but Harper is a key ally for Obama in his Afghanistan war, vowing to keep 2,500 troops in the volatile Kandahar region for another two years despite polls that show 60 per cent of Canadians want them home now. They have suffered the third largest casualty rate, with 108 deaths. No doubt Obama’s generals decided on where Obama would go first.
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