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"The National" said it all on April 24, 2014. Public Broadcasting is betraying the Canadian people.

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Democracy Congratulations To The People Of Egypt
Contributed by Dave Ruston on Monday, February 14 at 09:32 (3,346 reads)

How honourable it must be today to be able to walk like an Egyptian! The people of Egypt just gave the world a lesson in how to make a government listen! Not just any government, but a torturous tyrant that had the backing of the US military industrial complex who's bosses are the international bankers and their corporate fascist brothers. This should show us all what can happen when a people can gather together in great numbers and peacefully shut down a whole country.

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Democracy Democratic Accountability And The Big Lie
Contributed by PatriotPete on Tuesday, January 11 at 09:09 (2,993 reads)

There can be little to no accountability to citizens by provincial or federal politicians unless we, the people, awaken from the BIG Lie that has been perpetrated by the media, the corporations and the oligarcy of political parties. The BIG Lie is that the institutional design of our parliamentary system is a democracy. The truth is that what we have is NOT a democracy.

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Democracy A Second Year Philosophy Seminar Question
Contributed by Robin Mathews on Tuesday, December 07 at 21:38 (3,128 reads)

Short of murder, what instruments do democratic populations possess when the rule of law is fractured and when - as in British Columbia - "all the forces constitutionally constructed to protect the reasonable interests of the population have been subverted, suborned, bought, overthrown".

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Democracy Omar Khadr, Basi, Virk, And Basi
Contributed by Robin Mathews on Thursday, November 04 at 20:24 (3,478 reads)

The Omar Khadr "trial" in Guantanamo Prison and the "trial" of Basi, Virk, and Basi in B.C. Supreme Court have disturbing similarities. Both point to organized crime operating at the highest political levels,

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Democracy An 'Expert' Summary Of The BC Rail Scandal Fiasco - What's Left Out
Contributed by Robin Mathews on Monday, November 01 at 23:18 (3,569 reads)

Consistently, throughout the BC Rail Scandal pre-trial and the aborted trial process, the Mainstream Press and Media avoided certain facts and conclusions like the plague. The trial over - the pattern continues.

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Democracy Revolution:The Coming Inevitability
Contributed by Robin Mathews on Tuesday, October 12 at 08:40 (5,811 reads)

Across nations of the West democratic structures are being undermined to provide greater ruling power for private corporations. Attempts at reform are brutally repressed. Growing instability and repression point to an inevitable future of ... armed revolution.

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Democracy Sleazenesia, And Strange Policies In The BC Rail Scandal.
Contributed by Robin Mathews on Monday, September 20 at 08:58 (3,284 reads)

The BC Rail Scandal trial of Dave Basi, Bob Virk, and Aneal Basi continues - the second prosecution witness Brian Kenning on the stand. The days of cross-examination, so far, suggest more may be being clouded than is being made clear about that highly dubious transfer of the public asset to private, Texas head-quartered CNR.

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Democracy The BC Rail Scandal And The New Lawlessness
Contributed by Robin Mathews on Tuesday, August 17 at 11:45 (2,982 reads)

Across the Western World a deregulated lawlessness prevails. The BC Rail Scandal criminal case may be playing out as a part of "The New Lawlessness".

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Democracy Absolute Proof Canada Is No Longer A Democracy
Contributed by Scout on Monday, April 12 at 08:38 (5,877 reads)

The facts reported in the letter below, proven by the evidence I have provided links to, prove that Canada is no longer a democracy but has been taken over by a megacorporationthat has taken over our courts, provincial and federal governments, law enforcement, Canada to serve their private and financial interests. Initially the facts reported in this letter may not seem important to you but once you have read the entire letter and reviewed the evidence I have providedyou will clearly see that thisinformation is extremely important to all Canadians, important enough thatCGI tried to have meunlawfully wrongfully committed for trying to make this evidence public in 2006,as the evidence I have providedproves. Also very important to know is that the architect of the SPP,Tom d’Aquino,is on the Board of directors of this megacorporation. Information ispower andtheevidence proves that Canadians need to be very concerned thatthe megacorporationCGInow has access to and power over all of theirs and is using it to serve their private and financial interestsagainst Canadians.

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Democracy The BC Rail Scandal: A Test Of The BC Higher Courts
Contributed by Robin Mathews on Friday, February 26 at 10:55 (4,418 reads)

The administration of justice in B.C. has been shaken to its roots in a BC Rail Scandal pre-trial process marked by delay, apparent obstruction, erasure of disclosure materials by government, the de facto refusal to release search warrants, juggling of judges ... and more. May 3 is the day the trial will begin.

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Democracy No Prorogation Rally - Wolfville - All About Good Government
Contributed by Janet M Eaton on Thursday, February 04 at 09:26 (2,724 reads)

At the end of the more than two-and-one-half-hour session, the group decided it would continue meeting as a kind of “citizens’ assembly,” possibly every two weeks until the next election at least.

Almost 100 people gathered inside a Wolfville hall January 23 to express their concerns about the Harper government’s prorogation of Parliament. Billed as a public discussion and “speak out for democracy,” the session was designed to allow all citizens, sitting in a circle, to share their concerns and offer suggestions for change.

Co-organizer Janet Eaton said the protest wasn’t just about proroguation, but to set in context “what’s been happening for the last four years.”

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Democracy Cops Lie Because They Can.
Contributed by arthurwayne on Sunday, January 10 at 08:24 (3,557 reads)

Mounties’ murders mitigated by manipulative Ministers of the CONservative government.

CONservatives: compromised, corrupted, controlled by no one … in Canada.

Cops lie … because they can.
They can get away with anything it seems … murder, evidence tampering or suppression, intimidation and extortion.

The revelation today that a HRM police constable has been charged with extortion should come as no surprise to anyone. The law of averages dictates the possibility that the Halifax Region is not immune to such events.
The current environment in the police department and court system guarantees such things.

Once again, only the tip of the proverbial “iceberg” has been revealed to us all.

This constable/entrepreneur, who, we are told, has other charges pending against him, will, no doubt , be as much penalized for his personal transgressions as he will for circumventing the “middleman” in a process that has systematically extorted millions from Nova Scotians “legally” … utilizing “our” provincial courts and government agencies. This is another of the growth industries in Nova Scotia that continues as the need for revenue is exacerbated by flagging economies at all levels ... they don’t want competition, or public attention.
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Democracy What Happened?
Contributed by siamdave on Sunday, January 03 at 09:13 (3,540 reads)
What happened?

In the 60s we were a few short steps away from the dream of democratic peace and prosperity our ancestors had fought for for centuries - and here we are as the first decade of the 21st century stumbles to an end on the edge of the abyss with nothing but grim in sight as chaos and turmoil threaten from all sides -

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Democracy The End Of Democracy And The End Of...The World
Contributed by Robin Mathews on Monday, July 13 at 08:41 (4,395 reads)

Failing democracy, globally, (and in Canada) parallels and connects with the potential environmental collapse of the planet.

Honduras recently began a move towards a real and effective democracy. The military – trained and equipped by the U.S.A. – stopped it…in order to protect the rapacious, oppressive, so-called “democracy” in place.

The U.S. president has muttered…things…and the coup regime remains because U.S. power in the world cannot have “Bolivarian (peaceful) revolutions” in Latin America delivering real democracy and a just redistribution of wealth, taking away the right to destroy people by Capitalist corporations.

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