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Sovereignty Watch A North American Security Perimeter Threatens Canadian Sovereignty
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Tuesday, February 08 at 12:11 (3,568 reads)


Canada and the U.S. have officially launched negotiations on a trade and security agreement which would take continental integration to the next level. A declaration issued by the leaders follows months of secret preliminary talks. The deal would work towards facilitating the movement of travel and trade across the northern border. This includes pursuing a perimeter approach to security in an effort to better address common threats. The agreement sets in motion an agenda with the aim of going beyond NAFTA and further expanding on the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), but in the context of a bilateral framework. 

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Sovereignty Watch NATO Arctic Security And Canadian Sovereignty In The Far North
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Friday, November 26 at 08:49 (3,078 reads)

By Dana Gabriel

In many ways, the Arctic has become a geopolitical game with mixed messages being sent from all sides. There appears to be a real contradiction in what is being said and what is actually being done to safeguard sovereignty. While Arctic countries have emphasized the importance of resolving conflicting boundary claims through enhanced cooperation, at times, rhetoric has served to fuel rivalries in the resource-rich area. NATO has declared the Arctic a strategically important region with northern member nations individually or collaboratively conducting military and naval operations to showcase their capabilities. 

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Sovereignty Watch Angle-Mort*: The Place Of French In Canada “Post-Trudeau” (Opinion)
Contributed by gaulois on Thursday, August 13 at 21:47 (4,971 reads)

Has the problem not been solved yet? And most importantly, why should I care?

In a provocative western Canada history essay first published in 2005, acclaimed Prairies writer Sharon Butala asked "What makes a Westerner?" and courageously put forward "Our stubborn refusal to recognize the French fact."Ironically, the book was pretty much ignored in Western Canada except perhaps for Saskatchewan, the author’s home. Nationwide, Lilac Moon was mainly overlooked by CBC and its Radio-Canada french counterpart. Similar treatment in Québec, and needless to say, never translated.

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Sovereignty Watch Happy North America Day?
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Friday, June 26 at 08:15 (4,692 reads)

As Canada Day fast approaches I feel a sense of pride and sadness. I am a proud Canadian who loves her homeland and all that it has represented over the years, but those days are disappearing with nary a look back by most. As I think more and more about what Canada is, I come face to face with what it’s not. Canada is no longer a nation making its way in the world for its citizens or posterity. We are no longer the nation of peacekeepers. We are no longer in control of our destiny.

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Sovereignty Watch The Nation's Deathbed DVD Giveaway On CANADA DAY Across Canada
Contributed by ottawafro on Friday, June 26 at 08:15 (3,738 reads)
The Nation's Deathbed DVD Giveaway on CANADA DAY across Canada

The Nation's Deathbed Canada Day DVD Giveaway!

On Canada Day, patroitic Canadians will be hitting the streets throughout Canada to raise awareness regarding the SPP and the determental effects it will have on our country's soveignerity.

One person can make a difference, many can affect change....

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Roughly one-third of the world's gas reserves and 13 per cent of its oil reserves lie north of the Arctic Circle, estimate U.S. Geological Survey researchers who suggest most of the gas is in Russian territory.

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Much of the United Nations philosophy manifested through its charter and numerous organizations, as well as international treaties, fails to respect American sovereignty.  In many cases, it runs contrary to the Constitution.

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Sovereignty Watch Defending Canadian Arctic Sovereignty
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Thursday, April 02 at 08:53 (4,778 reads)

Past Canadian governments have neglected their duty and have failed to enforce its Arctic sovereignty.  As a result, its northern waters have not been adequately protected, patrolled or monitored.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper has made the Arctic a priority and has committed to further defend Canadian sovereignty and protect its interests in the region.  Canada does have an obligation to defend the territorial integrity of its borders and must ensure that its Arctic waterways are also being respected by other nations.
The Arctic, with its abundance of untapped oil, gas and mineral resources, has nations jockeying for a bigger piece of the pie.  There could be conflicting claims between Canada, Russia and Denmark, over the Lomonosov Ridge.  Canada maintains a sovereign claim over the Northwest Passage, but the U.S. and other countries insist that it is an international waterway.

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Sovereignty Watch Canada Objects To France's Claim On Coastal Waters
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Wednesday, March 25 at 14:23 (3,014 reads)

The Canadian government formally expressed its objection Wednesday to France's plans to go to the United Nations, claiming thousands of square kilometres of potentially lucrative seabed beyond Canada's 200-mile (370-kilometre) zone.

"Canada regrets the Government of France's decision to submit a letter of intent to the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf claiming an extended continental shelf for Saint-Pierre and Miquelon," Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said in a statement.

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Sovereignty Watch Taking Local Governments' Power
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Monday, March 02 at 22:58 (2,919 reads)

British Columbians know well that opening up borders to trade and services isn’t always in their best interest.

The softwood lumber dispute under the North American Free Trade Agreement between the U.S. and Canada is perhaps the most notable example of this. In short, the U.S. refused to accept NAFTA panel rulings in favour of Canada, and it was up to the Canadian and U.S. governments to formulate an agreement for industry. This contentious conclusion emphasized a significant failing of a free trade agreement that’s supposed to benefit member countries the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

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Sovereignty Watch Arctic Sovereignty: Sheathe Thy Sword
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Thursday, February 19 at 15:41 (4,240 reads)

Now that global warming is rapidly melting the Arctic ice cap, opening up the possibility of shipping through the Northwest Passage and developing the region's vast oil and gas resources, the five Arctic basin states (Canada, United States, Russia, Denmark/Greenland and Norway) are scrambling to secure their claims to the region.

Under the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), coastal states own the seabed beyond the existing 200 nautical mile zones and up to 350 miles if they can prove it to be part of their continental shelf and in shallower waters. Since the United States is the only one of the five that hasn't ratified UNCLOS - the Obama administration and U.S. Congress are expected to do so - the members of the Arctic-5 are currently mapping the Arctic's subsea floor to support their claims.

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Sovereignty Watch You, Me And The Security Prosperity Partnership
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Wednesday, February 11 at 12:21 (3,135 reads)

Paul Manly’s latest film ‘You, Me, and the S.P.P: Trading Democracy for Corporate Rule’ will premiere at 7pm on Thursday, February 5th in the main drama theatre in building 310 at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo. It is also scheduled to screen at the World Community Film Festival in Courtenay on February 7th and at the World Community Film Festival in Vancouver at Langara on February 14th and in other cities as part of the traveling World Community Film Festival. Manly starts the film with random interviews on the street with two questions “Have your heard about the SPP, the Security Prosperity Partnership?” and “Have you heard about TILMA the Trade Investment Labour Mobility Agreement?”

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Sovereignty Watch There Are Big Things In Store For Canada
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Sunday, January 18 at 14:45 (3,684 reads)

There are big things in store for Canada

There are big things in store for Canada. The global elite are preparing for the emergence of a North American Union which can be described as nothing less than the centralization of power into fewer hands ultimately bringing us one step closer to a new world order.

Over the years, Canadian politicians have been moulded shaped and manipulated by the Bilderberg group to think that deepening our integration is a good idea.  Consider the fact that the following men have all attended Bilderberg meetings:

Paul Martin – Signed the SPP

Jean Chretien – Implemented NAFTA

Allan Gotlieb – Instrumental in the signing of the FTA

Stephen Harper – Current poster boy for deeper integration.

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Sovereignty Watch Afghanistan: Canada Must Pursue A More Independent Foreign Policy
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Thursday, January 15 at 21:23 (3,403 reads)

President Barack Obama has promised to send more troops to where the war on terrorism began as the focus seems to have now shifted from Iraq to Afghanistan. Some have went so far as to dub Afghanistan, Obama’s war. A troop surge could greatly improve security for Canadian soldiers, but it is unlikely to bring any type of lasting peace or stability to the region. There is a NATO summit planned for April which will mark its 60th anniversary, where there is expected to be increased pressure for Canada to further commit beyond 2011. Canada must look past its military combat role in Afghanistan and pursue a more sovereign independent policy, one that will best assist the Afghan people and one which better represents our own values.

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Sovereignty Watch EU's Arctic Intentions Worry Canadians
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Tuesday, December 16 at 08:31 (4,672 reads)

The European Commission's ambassador to Canada does not understand why a report on the Arctic released last month has some politicians and experts worried that Europe is challenging Canada's sovereignty in the polar region.

"I find it very strange that Canada could look upon the European Union as a threat," said Ambassador Dorian Prince from his home in Ottawa. "I suppose I should feel a little flattered that they see us that way, but I would have thought it would have been in Canada's best interest to be in close co-ordination with the EU and like-minded states."

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